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As a Five Star Platinum Club, The Athletic Club of Columbus is a Columbus icon.

Established in 1912 and housed in an architectural masterpiece, the Club is located in the heart of one of the country’s fastest growing and most dynamic cities. It has been a home-away-from-home for Columbus’s most influential business professionals and their families for more than a century.

Today, we honor our rich heritage and tradition, but with an eye toward the future and an openness to change. We’ve redefined exclusivity as a measure of unassailable character, talent, and achievement of an increasingly diverse membership—our city’s most well-known and highly respected professionals from a cross-section of fields. Our diversity demands civility between our members. We promote respect and an openness to differing ideas and views to foster a sense of belonging, and to cultivate lifelong bonds between our members.

The ACC is an urban oasis for the mind, body, and spirit; which like our downtown, brims with activity morning, noon, and night. Our members enjoy a welcoming, relaxed environment steeped in Midwestern hospitality, casual elegance, and an unmatched attentiveness to detail. We offer an unparalleled mix of services, programming, and state-of-the-art amenities that empower our members to rejuvenate their bodies, reward their palates, pursue their passions, expand their perspectives, and forge powerful personal and professional relationships.

Life balance is achieved through a healthy mix of individual and group exercise, and spa services that invigorate the body. For good measure, our social, dining, and clubs-within-a-club experiences enable our members to indulge in a bit of hedonism.

This holistic mix of wellness options and social interaction between our exclusive, but diverse, membership makes the ACC the only Modern City Club in Columbus. A club with a proud history, but focused on the promise that tomorrow holds. 

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