Dress Code

The current Dress Code Policy at the Athletic Club of Columbus is as follows:

Carmichael's Bar & Lounge and Casual Dining:
- Workout wear not permitted
- No hats
- No casual sandals (flip flops, crocs), dress sandals permitted
- Denim, in good repair, permitted    

Formal Dining:
- Business attire required
Men - business suit or sport coat and slacks (a selection of sport coats will be available at the front desk)
Women - business pantsuit, dress or blazer with skirt or tailored slacks

- Shorts, denim, athletic attire not permitted

The Booth:
- Workout wear not permitted for adults
- Children permitted to wear casual athletic wear  

- Casual athletic wear permitted. Please be respectful of your fellow members when visiting the Café after a workout.

As always, athletic attire may be worn in and out of the clubhouse as you come and go from the fitness areas. 

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