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    Friday, February 21, 2020    
 6:30 AM-7:15 AM  Vinyasa Flow: Abby
A fast paced heated yoga with an advanced ring to it. This class is no joke - Strong vinyasa flow utilizing upbeat music to intensify your workout, you will be taken through a sequence of advanced postures, arm balances and standing poses. Previous experience recommended.
 9:30 AM-10:15 AM  Aqua Tone: Reggie
An upgrade from traditional water aerobics; focus on one or more exercises that will tighten the core and provide a cardio workout. Class includes boxing, water aerobics, aqua belts, and swimming components.
 9:30 AM-10:00 AM  HIIT 30: Jason
HIIT 30 (or High Intensity Interval Training), will be taught in the same style as Tabata, just held a little longer at 30 seconds with a 30 second rest in between exercises. Tabata training, also known as the Tabata Protocol, is a new type of high intensity interval training designed to get your heart rate up in that very hard anaerobic zone for short periods of time. Be prepared to sweat!
 11:30 AM-12:15 PM   50/50: Sandy
Start with an intense minute sculpt routine in the 6th floor studio and finish with minutes of spinning. Two workouts in one to save time and get results.
 12:00 PM-12:45 PM  Reformer Pilates Express: Michele
One of the best things about the reformer is its versatility. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing, pulling the straps, pushing the footbar and many other variations. The reformer offers all of the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Please note, prior Pilates experience is required before taking a class. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Due to the small group training environment, there is an additional charge to attend this class. Single classes are $30 per class. Single participant fee is $45 (discount of $15 off of a normal private rate). Please contact Michele DeVault at with any questions or concerns.
 12:30 PM-1:15 PM  Ride in 45: Dr. Sandy (sub)
A cardio workout on a stationary bike based on cycling principles. Classes are technique based and/or real terrain based and focus on cadence, heart-rate zones, climbs & sprints that can make an unpredictable ride that is fun and challenging.
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